Welcome to Radiant Soul Jewelry, where I offer high quality handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry with healing energies infused within. I create meaningful jewelry with the intention of helping people to receive more Peace, Love, Joy, Healing and Spirituality into their lives. I am a Spiritual Healer and I blend my healing gifts info my jewelry making.   I use sound healing, Sage, Reiki and Spiritual Healing to ensure that each piece is fully cleansed, recharged and blessed by Spirit for whomever it will belong to.

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How Radiant Soul Jewelry Began

I have been creating jewelry since childhood -  It's funny how the career you are meant to have is usually something that you loved as a child!  I have been professional creating jewelry for 7 years now - as an extension of my healing practice.  I wanted to help my clients to continue their healing journey even after the healing sessions ended. So I started creating jewelry with affirmations, prayers and blessings infused within the crystals.  I am continueslly on the search for new, high vibrational crystals and gemstone beads to make my healing jewelry with.  I am also constantly working on new jewelry designs and inspirational write-ups that go along with the pieces.


Please Browse through the product gallery and experience shopping with Radiant Soul Jewelry for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions.