Giant Joy Bubble Wand

Giant Joy Bubble Wand

These wands are currently pick-up only from my West Kelowna Location. After you purchase your items, I will send you an e-mail for pick-up instructions!   


These wands are made with wooden dowels (very light and easy for little hands to hold), thick cotton mop string which soaks up the bubble solution and makes many bubbles with just one dip, and colourful patterned duct tape for the handles.​​


  • These Giant Joy Bubble Wands make awesome and unique gifts!

  • FUN to use, and it is also stress relieving and therapeutic to make Giant Bubbles!

  • Great to use in the backyard, beach, park or camping!

  • Excellent for ALL ages! Ages 4 and up can easily make the bubbles on their own. Ages 3 and below LOVE to chase and pop the bubbles!  Adults have just as much fun as kids making Giant bubbles!

  • Choose from many different colours and fun prints (handles of the wands)

  • Each Giant Bubble Wand is packaged with an instructions and tips sheet 

  • Each wand includes the recipe to make the Best Ever Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe with readily available ingredients that you will have at home or pick up from your local grocery store!

    Bubble Wand Handle Design

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