Healing on All Levels Bracelet

Healing on All Levels Bracelet

When we think of healing, we usually think about our physical health.    However there are actually 3 other levels of healing - Spiritual, Mental and Emotional healing - and we cannot fully heal physically without healing the others also. This bracelet consists of 4 different types of gemstones that are excellent for healing on all 4 levels!  Please read below about the gemstones and what healing energies they can bring into your life. I recommend that you memorize and say the affirmations out-loud as you feel called, and this will accelerate you on your healing journey.  Don’t forget to follow your intuition and make healthy changes in your life!


The "Healing On All Levels"  Bracelet is made with a genuine, high quality Seraphinite focal bead measuring approximately 1" x 3/4 ",  Green Aventurine 8mm beads, Rainbow Fluorite 8mm beads, White Howlite 8mm beads, silver Angel Wing charm and solid sterling silver accents.  It is made with strong, stretchy and durable elastic.  This bracelet includes a gift bag and information card about the energies of the crystals and how it can assist you in your life! I use sound healing, crystal healing, Sage and Spiritual Healing to ensure that each piece is fully cleansed, recharged and blessed by the Angels of Healing for whomever ends up owning it.


Seraphinite: is a stone of self healing and spiritual enlightenment. It’s name derives from the Seraphim and resonate strongly with all levels of the Angelic domain, and it is an excellent stone to use for Angelic communication and connecting with other Higher energies. Seraphinite is known for the beautiful mixture of the deep green color, shot through with lovely silver markings that in many stones resemble beautiful angel wings. Seraphinite mainly found in the Lake Baikal area in Siberia, Russia. Seraphinite stands alone as the premier healing stone of this age. It is a tool most suited to bringing the body into line with Light energy. Seraphinite strengthens the immune system and is an excellent stone for cellular regeneration.

AFFIRMATION: "I Love my body, my mind, my heart and my Soul."  

                        " I  give myself permission to heal on all levels. "


Green Aventurine:  is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” and thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting health and prosperity. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism - encouraging perseverance and allowing one to move forward with confidence and positive energy.

AFFIRMATION: "I nourish my body with thoughts of love and optimism."  

                           My body is strong, healthy and heals very quickly.” 


Fluorite: is beautiful and powerful stone used to relieve anxiety, tension and stress by detoxifying the mental and emotional body.  Fluorite can reduce fear and anxiety as well as ease anger and depression. Fluorite can help reduce negative thinking, and mental “fog” and create clarity of mind and harmony in life. Fluorite stones absorb and neutralize negative vibrations, making them the perfect gemstone to keep in the home or wear as jewelry. This stone helps to relieves fear based energies such as: pain, anxiety, stress, grief, guilt, anger and resentment by detoxifying the mental and emotional body.  By saying the affirmation below, you are releasing fear (and all negative emotions which illness thrives on) and you will be replacing it with Love, which is what heals and sustains us).  After you say this affirmation take deeps breaths in and out.  As you exhale, feel your self releasing all fear and negative emotions, and as you breath in feel yourself taking in white light and Love.

AFFIRMATION:  “I release all fear in exchange for Love.”


White Howlite:  is an excellent stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. It is very calming and soothing. White Howlite is also a great stone for meditation and connecting with higher spiritual powers.  White Howlite resonates with the Crown Chakra and therefore can help you to connect to your Spirit and the Angelic Realm.  Please connect to whichever Spiritual Power you resonate with and say a prayer for yourself to heal.  If you say your prayer with a sincere heart, you will be heard and your prayer will be answered for your greatest good. You can say the prayers below, or think of your own!  Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get relaxed and take a number of deep cleansing breaths.  Say your prayers, and then close your eyes, allow yourself to just be still, and receive the healing blessings that you have asked for.  Continue to focus on your breath, relax and be still for 5-10 minutes.  Do this everyday and you will be amazed at the positive effects that will happen!


PRAYER:  Dear God, Universe, My Divine Spirit and the Angels of Healing, Please help me to discover and learn what I need to know in order for me to heal _________ health issue.


PRAYER:  Dear God, Universe, My Divine Spirit and the Angels of Healing, Please send my body and my aura Divine Healing Light.  I trust that you are infusing my being with the energy of Love, Joy, Peace, Health and Wellness.  I now see myself as whole, healed and vibrant. Thank you!


**  Please note that because the crystals that I use are natural, your bracelet may look slightly different than pictured, but I always make each bracelet beautiful and special in it's own way!  I may use more or less of the silver spacers in your bracelet in order to custom make your bracelet according to your chosen size**



    Measure your actual wrist size in INCHES using a measuring tape. (Or if you do not have a measuring tape, you can wrap a strip of paper around your wrist, mark it, and then measure the paper against a ruler.) Place the measuring tape snugly around your wrist just below the wrist bone. Record your actual wrist measurement in INCHES.

    You will want to order a bracelet that is about 1/4 - 1/2 inch bigger than your wrist measurement for comfort.

    I make these bracelets in the following ladies sizes:

    XSMALL - bracelet is 5.75 inches (fits wrists that are approximately 5.5 inches)

    SMALL- bracelet is 6 inches (fits wrists that are approximately  5.75 inches)

    SM/MED - bracelet is 6.25 inches (fits wrists that are approximately  6 inches)

    MEDIUM - bracelet is 6.5 inches  **Most Common Size**  fits wrists that are approxiamtely 6.25 inches)

    MED/LG - bracelet is 6.75 inches (fits wrists that are approximately  6.5 inches)

    LARGE - bracelet is 7 inches ( fits wrists that are approximately 6.75 inches)

    XLARGE - bracelet is 7.25 inches (fits wrists that are approximately 7 inches)


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     I recommend for my customers take their bracelets off before sleeping, showering and swimming as it will help to preserve condition of the gemstones and the elastic.  Also, by taking the bracelet off overnight it allows the crystals to cleanse and recharge and regain it's own soul energy again.  Then when you and your bracelet re-connect you will feel the energies powerfully again!  You can enhance your bracelets energies even more by placing it on your window cil during the full moon and allowing the rays of the moon to cleanse and recharge the crystals.  Sage, Sound Healing, and also a bit of sunlight every once in a while is great for re-charging crystals. **

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