Kids Gemstone Bracelets ($5 from every bracelet helps to SAVE OUR EARTH!)

Kids Gemstone Bracelets ($5 from every bracelet helps to SAVE OUR EARTH!)

* Please read sizing instructions before ordering*


These beautiful Kids Gemstone Bracelets are created by  Luke (age 9) and Nolan (age 11). We are very excited about this project because a large portion of profits go to a wonderful charity!  


Recently we watched the New Net Flix film by David Attenborough called "A Life on Our Planet".  It is a beautiful, educational, sad, scary, but also very hopeful and inspirational film that sparked alot of important conversations and we recommend every household to watch it.  So instead of our family becoming overwhelmed and sad by what is happening to our beautiful Earth, we have decided to help as much as we can and this was our idea!


Purchase a bracelet..... Help to SAVE OUR PLANET ! $5 from EVERY bracelet purchased is donated directly to RAINFOREST TRUST  -  a trusted organization that purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests and saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Rainforest Trust protects the world’s most threatened species by protecting the ecosystems they depend on.  


I have taught my boys how to professionally make bracelets and they have quite the eye for jewelry design!  These bracelets are created with genuine gemstones, glass bead and Sandalwood beads.  Choose your meaningful charm in the drop down box while ordering.  Each bracelet will arrive to you in a gift bag with an information write-up about Rainforest Trust Organization and how your donation is helping to save our Earth!


One of the best things that we can do to help reverse global warming and save our planet is to protect and re-establish the natural world !



    We make these kids bracelets in the following sizes:

     KIDS SMALL - Fits kids approximately ages 2-5

    KIDS MEDIUM - Fits kids approximately 6-9

    KIDS LARGE - Fits kids approximately 10-12

    KIDS XLARGE - Fits kids approximately 13 + ( fits like a ladies small bracelet)


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     I recommend for my customers take their bracelets off before sleeping, showering and swimming as it will help to preserve condition of the gemstones and the elastic.  Also, by taking the bracelet off overnight it allows the crystals to cleanse and recharge and regain it's own soul energy again.  Then when you and your bracelet re-connect you will feel the energies powerfully again!  You can enhance your bracelets energies even more by placing it on your window cil during the full moon and allowing the rays of the moon to cleanse and recharge the crystals.  Sage, Sound Healing, and also a bit of sunlight every once in a while is great for re-charging crystals. **

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