Powerful Angelite Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

Powerful Angelite Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

Handcrafted with Love, one of a kind, genuine Peru Angelite gemstone wrapped with Antiqued Sterling Silver wire. This Angelite pendant is a beautiful soft sky blue colour and has amazing Angelic energy! 


Antiqued Silver is true Sterling Silver that has been intentionally darkened using a natural chemical process.  This creates a sped up version of the natural tarnishing process. Then the piece is polished up to remove most of the black colouring. This process and can give the piece of jewerly a beautiful antiqued look with gorgeous contrast between the darkened silver and bright silver where it has been polished.


  • Genuine, blue Labradorite pendant with powerful energy connected to the Angelic Realms!
  • Wrapped with Sterling Silver wire that has been oxidized to give it a beautiful antiqued look.
  • The pendant measures 2.5 inches from top of bail to bottom of the wire wrap, and 1.1 inch across.
  • Includes a complimentary Silver Plated Chain (If you would like to purchase a high quality Solid Sterling Silver Chain at an excellent price, please select it from the drop down box.)
  • Includes polishing cloths so you can keep your neckalce looking beautiful for years to come.
  • This necklace will arrive to you in a gift bag along with an information card about the energies of the stone.
  • As always, the energy of this crystal is cleansed, recharged and blessed by the Divine for it's future owner!


Angelite  is a lovely blue stone with a peaceful energy that is powerful, yet calming and soothing.  Angelite has very high vibrational energy resonating with the Angelic Realm, and assists with connecting to and communicating with Angels and other Beings of Light. It also may stimulate the re-opening of psychic gifts and channeling abilities.  A relatively recent discovery in the mineral and gem world, Angelite was discovered in 1987 in Peru. It’s reason for being discovered at this time relates to the need for humanity to benefit from its beautiful energy that also assists one to connect with Spirit.  Angelite is very soothing to the emotional body, so if you keep a piece on you or wear it as jewelry it will help to relieve your stress and heal your emotions. 


Place your hand on your Angelite pendant and know that your Angels are near you, sending you Love, guidance and support.  Take a series of deep breathes and begin to relax your entire body. Imagine that you are breathing in White Light (which is Divine Love), and breathing out stress your have taken in over the days and weeks. Your Angels and Spirit Team are beside you and can hear you when you speak to them.... start talking out loud about what is going on in your life, talk about anything that is bothering you, anything that you have concerns or need guidance about. Speak to them as you would speak to a good friend!  As you are talking, you are releasing stuck negative energy.  Now ask your Angels for help and guidance about your situation. Still your mind and receive the healing energies and guidance coming from your Angelite stone, your Angels and your Spirit Team. 

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