Rainbow Moonstone Wire Wrapped Pendant with Silver Chain

Rainbow Moonstone Wire Wrapped Pendant with Silver Chain

Moonstone:  Intuition / Feminine Mystery / Harmony / Moon Energy


Handcrafted with Love, one of a kind, natural and very colourful Rainbow Moonstone wire wrapped pendant. This Moonstone shows many different beautiful colours when held at different angles and different lighting!  There is a small Herkimer Diamond wrapped into the bail of the pendant.  Herkimer Diamonds are not actually diamonds, but double terminated quartz crystals which can contain black carbon inclusions.  Herkimer Diamonds are very high vibrational and increase the energies of other stones they are with! 


This Stunning Moonstone pendant measures 4.3 cm from top of bail to bottom of the wire wrap, and 2.8 cm across. It is wrapped using sterling silver filled wire.  It includes an beautiful, high quality Italian made Sterling Silver link chain (choose 16”-26” long).  This will arrive to you in a gift bag along with an information card about the energies of Moonstone.  As always, the energy of this crystal is cleansed, recharged and blessed by Spirit for it's future owner!

  • Stone Information

    Moonstone  is a stone of mystery. It has often been associated with the feminine because of its ability to enhance the intuitive mind. Moonstone was used in Roman jewelry almost 2000 years ago, and even longer ago in the Orient.  Moonstone is the gem of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. Moonstone has been used for centuries to connect with the energy and power of the moon, encouraging us to pay attention to and honor the cycles of our lives - with each life cycle, wisdom, self knowledge and understanding are increased.  Moonstone strengthens intuition and psychic perception, and brings balance and harmony within you.   Moonstone Honors the Goddess in all women.

    AFFIRMATION: "I open myself to my intuitive abilities and I honor the Goddess within me"


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